Reviews of Best Sprinkler Heads

Reviews of Best Sprinkler Heads

Precise lawn watering is impossible without the best sprinkler heads, high-quality and functional products that are the important part of the irrigation. To escape widespread mistakes, let’s dive into the sprinkler head types.

Fixed modification of a sprinkler is similar to a shower and delivers fan-shaped streams of water. They usually produce the different radius of the water throw and are designed for either long or narrow areas. The optimal water pressure for them is in the range of 20–30 PSI.

Traveling sprinklers need hoses to voyage backward and forwards to distribute water on the entire area. The oscillating models are the most common and affordable. They spray out a fan-shaped curtain of water, and the arm oscillates to cover a rectangular 20 feet area.

Some popular types of sprinkler heads are called rotors. Impact models stream water back and forth or in circles over the area. However, gear driven rotors described in the reviews below are more advanced – they’re compact, don’t produce noise, and demand lower maintenance. Multi-stream rotors are the most expensive models with the numerous streams of water that rotate over the area one after the other up to 65 ft. apart. The pop-up sprinklers’ bodies have tiny rotary nozzles.

Consider the spacing-pressure ratio when picking the best sprinkler heads. Water pressure (PSI) should be a bit larger than spacing. For example, when choosing the garden sprinkler with 35 ft. apart, check out its pressure that should be no less than 45 PSI.

Before moving on to the best sprinkler heads reviews, keep in mind following steps on how to choose the appropriate model:

  • Pick spray sprinkler heads if water pressure is 40 PSI static.
  • Choose spray heads and rotors for square landscapes and traveling models for the wide and long lawns.
  • The territories that are larger than 30×30 ft. require rotors but not the oscillating sprinklers.
  • Spray-type sprinkler fit the areas with sharp curves, but if the further territory isn’t forbidden for watering, one can also use rotors.

Best Sprinkler Heads Reviews

Drip Depot Toro – Packed with High-techs for Great Functionality

Drip Depot Toro T5
If you’re looking for the best lawn sprinkler, pay attention to a 5-inched rotor with the reliable popup motor and great functionality. This bubbler is remarkable for the patent-pending Airfoil Technology standard and the low-angled nozzles that can evenly spread water over the large squares, avoid pooling, and water wastage, as a result. The nozzles can be turned or twisted without any efforts or additional tools. The sprinkler head is easy to install and takes no more than 15 minutes.

It is possible to adjust radius and water reach up to 50 ft. Note that it should be almost flat with the ground. If the rotor is above the ground to any significant degree, one will trip over it or ruin it by banging into the spray head. This model works well the irrigation system that is 5 inches below the surface. Recommended operating pressure is in the range of 25–70 PSI.

  • It is adjustable from 40° up to 360°.
  • The check valve to prevent flooding is a part of the head.
  • Slip clutch prevents gear damage that could vandalism or inexperienced users deal.
  • Cannot be installed on the lawns with the static water pressure less than 40 PSI.

Rain Bird Rotor Heads 5000 – Great for Residential and Commercial Usage

Rain Bird Rotor Heads 5000
This irrigating equipment features special Triple-Blade Wiper Seal tech that makes it one of the best sprinkler heads and the most leak-resistant rotors in the market. These rotors are also able to keep sweepings out to serve properly for years. Their Rain Curtain nozzles cover the surface completely evenly and provide good spray uniformity. It’s possible to replace the nozzle to increase or decrease to flow of water.

The drops of water within a jet are large enough to stick to their given trajectory no matter the strong wind. Besides, when using close-in watering, no dark spots around the head appear.

This model is developed for not only for lawns but for gardens with shrubs and trees as well. The rotor boasts a durable construction made of stainless steel. It comes with the SAM (check valve), reversing full, and part circle adjustment 40° – 360°. The rotor is available with 4″, 6″ and 12″ height.

The unit has a basket in the bottom that collects the crud and it is removable for cleaning. It has the special slip clutch for extremely fast installation – just find out the right edge, unscrew the cap, line up the right edge, and screw the cap back on. The whole process takes no more than 20 seconds.

  • It’s possible to swap out heads to control the amount of water delivered.
  • One can shut off a valve if it’s necessary to water a specific area a little more.
  • ¾-inch inlets allow for more water and it’s possible to unscrew a head and replace it when the whole system is above ground.
  • Can be adapted for ½-inch inlets, but they are included in the package.

Hunter PGP – Even Water Distribution, Interchangeable Nozzles

Hunter PGP
These gear-driven lawn sprinkler heads are reliable and pop up higher to water the area even when the grass is taller. Besides, they’re very economical with water use. It takes a half a minute to adjust spray length and shape with the special tool. A wide range of nozzles makes it possible to set the appropriate distance and spread.

These pop up sprinkler heads are easy to adjust and to change out nozzles. There is a trap in the bottom of the unit to pick up debris and it allows its easy removing and rinsing. Besides, the unit is resistant to silt in the irrigation water.

The unit is designed to use it at a distance 25–45 ft. It is produced in 3 models – a shrub variant (installs on a pipe above ground), 4″ pop-up, and a 12″ pop-up model. Like every high-quality rotor, it comes with the rubber cover for safety. The unit has a standard nozzle tree with 12 diverse nozzles.

  • The company offers an optional low-angle nozzle tree to add another 8 low-angle nozzles for windy areas.
  • Good radius adjustment of up to 25%.
  • Not good for tennis courts because when adjusting the spray screw the coverage is increased, but the range is reduced.
  • Only for residential use.

Melnor XT – Basic Sprinkler for Lawns with the Adjustable Oscillation

Melnor XT
Pay attention to this model when looking for the best water sprinkler. This gardening product fits both square and rectangular-shaped lawns because it’s adjustable in both width and direction. It comes with the metal base, the arm of the sprinkler, and nozzles. The Melnor XT includes plastic moving parts to prevent rusting. It’s worth mentioning that the base is lightweight and not as stable as high-end models have.

It’s an adaptable sprinkler with a wide range of patterns from narrow to wide, half to full spread and everything in between. It also comes with the adjustable oscillation up to 180-degrees. The spray distance is good, but its quality depends on the water pressure.

The special lever on the side is designed to correct the length of the water output. It’s easy to use, moves smoothly and intuitively. This model also features easy hose connection and it has a strainer to prevent debris from breaking into the sprinkler.

Bear in mind that much of the water is usually moved around by the wind and water spray reduces because of evaporation. This is the common feature for all oscillating sprinklers.

  • It has a small switch that turns the water flow from high to low without turning it off that is helpful to keep the gardener dry while repositioning the sprinkler.
  • No leaks of any sort that are visible from the threading.
  • Work with low water pressure.
  • It lacks a regulator for water flow and requires adjustment at the source faucet.
  • The unit covers a little ground (2,400 square feet at 25 PSI) in comparison with rotors.

Rain Bird 25PJDAC – Impact Sprinkler with Sturdy Construction

Rain Bird 25PJDAC
This is one of the most durable pop up sprinklers that are made of brass last for many years unless they are damaged by a mover or something else. Don’t forget to store it inside during the winter.

It’s highly adjustable and allows setting the distance and pattern without wasting much time and efforts. This model is compatible with the systems that have stable pressure and it stops rotating if pressure drops. The 25PJDAC is created to use it with a 3/4″ pipe thread to get maximum performance rather than the classic 1/2″ one. It comes with a screw to change the water spray pattern. The maximum range of the water stream depends on pressure.

The length of the spray is regulated from a jet stream to a lighter watering by pushing a metal flap down onto the spray to provide gentle watering.

The rotor’s speed of rotation is fast to get more water in a shorter period of time. It has the timer, so, it’s possible to install several of them and set them up not on at the same time.

  • It’s got a metal footing that does not bend.
  • Its installation reduces the number of sprinklers by 75%.
  • The direction isn’t adjustable.
  • They are the fast rotators and a gardener gets wet when reaching the head while the water is on.

Orbit 55662 – Flexible Product, Variety of Pattern, and Flow Options

Orbit 55662
These lawn sprinkler heads are designed to be screwed onto the threaded plastic pipes in underground sprinkler systems. The model cannot be used as a single lawn sprinkler. The form and pitch of the female pipe thread differ from a male hose end thread. However, the sprinkler can be compatible with a hose end if using a ½-inch pricklier spike and a 1/2 to ¾-inch adapter. It is possible to put them on flex pipe to avoid being run over by cars or rider mowers.

The unit has a raised bump to stick the metal end of the key in there and turn it left or right to make the spray distance adjustment. It comes with plenty of larger and smaller jets and it doesn’t fill with any mud. The rotor can adjust the pattern from 40 up to 360 degrees. The heads boast the screwdriver that other manufacturers sell separately.

  • The rotors come with a complete set of various nozzles adjust the amount of water and the adjustment tool.
  • Waters large areas uniformly.
  • Can leak at the base of the pop up that requires replacement.

Nelson 818653-1001 – Moves to Cover the Lawn of any Shape

Nelson 818653-1001
The sprinkler is made of cast iron; it’s very heavy and feels strong and sturdy. Some plastic elements are sun-resistant. It’s a speed traveling model with 2 speed settings – fast but less water and low/slower but more water. The distance can be corrected with the lever to up and down it. The unit provides great spread and even distribution for watering even in large areas.

Note that a pair of new hoses with no more than 150 feet total is recommended to make the sprinkler travel in the best way. The unit also not used on bare dirt because it is often stuck there.

  • It gets the entire yard even of non-standard area.
  • The stop ramp is made of plastic and feels flimsy.
  • Moves rather slow and uses much water.

Buyers Guide

Sprinkler Heads Adjustments – How to Do It Properly?

All of the sprinkler head types need some adjustments. How to adjust sprinkler heads correctly to provide the proper coverage? A screw is on the top of the units to adjust the head using a screwdriver. The screw can be turned to adjust the direction of the spray on the lawn to ensure even water distribution.

Some models can be direct to different angles that means moving the head only. However, plenty of sprinklers deed to turn the entire body of the sprinkler. So, the details of adjusting sprinkler heads depend on the model’s specs.

Sprinkler Heads Replacement – Easy Steps

Now, the question of how to replace a sprinkler head arises.

First, one should pay attention to the manufacturer, the model number, the same spray rotation, and the size of the nozzle. When dealing with rotor heads, choose the units in the same direction.

Dig out the damaged sprinkler and unscrew its broken head. Don’t let dirt drops creep into the connection bit if it has happened, rinse it with water thoroughly.

The next step is to screw the new head onto the threaded end of the sprinkler line. Now, it’s time to install nozzles with the aid of the special tool that is usually in the package but sometimes needs to buy it separately. Hold the cap up and thread the nozzles onto the stem while having the fingers on it.