Two Easiest Ways To Adjust Sprinkler Spray Distance

Two Easiest Ways To Adjust Sprinkler Spray Distance

Sprinklers are the water-spraying devices that are accommodated throughout the territory that needs to be irrigated. They are buried in the ground flush with their top cover, which prevents their damage. Most of the sprinklers have about the same mechanisms and functionality, however, the best sprinkler heads reviews may help you choose the most suitable one for your territory.

In the design of any sprinkler, there is a retractable rod that rises up only at the time when the water supplies for irrigation. The irrigation occurs through a spraying device (nozzle) in the upper part of the stem. Thus, the layout of the sprinklers requires carefulness. It is important to choose the right type depending on the landscape and growing plants. With a properly designed scheme and water distance, the right watering will be easily achieved in all parts of the target area.

Sprinkler provides the easiest possible method of irrigation. All that is required from the user to get this device worked, is to adjust the desirable irrigation sector, direction, and distance. The adjustment of the sprinkler spray distance ensures that the spraying mode is fine-tuned, so it carefully waters the garden or lawn. The sprinkler head spray distance installation requires little effort.

Adjusting Sprinkler Spray Distance With a Key

To adjust the irrigation distance, a special adjustment key is usually used. It is two-sided: on one side, there is a hex head, which serves to adjust the irrigation distance, and on the opposite side, there is a plastic cross-shaped key that is needed to adjust the irrigation sector. It is possible to use a flat-head screwdriver if you don’t have that key at home.

To adjust the distance, locate the convex arrow on the top of the rubber cover. It indicates the position of the nozzle hole. Just insert the hexahedron into the convex arrow. It will deepen toward the nozzle and deflects the stream if you rotate it clockwise. If you turn the key anticlockwise at an angle from half to a full turn, you will increase the irrigation distance.

Note: The factory settings of the sprinkler spray distance provide for the most uniform distribution of water over the area. Any changes in the radius can affect the uniformity of distribution. The max sprinkler spray distance is already set at the factory, so it is not recommended to reduce the distance by more than 25%.

Adjusting Sprinkler Spray Distance Using Water Pressure

There is another way on how to adjust sprinkler spray distance that consists of enhancing or loosening the pressure of water. Rotate the flap control clockwise to decrease the measure of water flowing to the sprinkler, and turn it anticlockwise to increase it.

The simultaneous operation of all the parts of a large sprinkler scheme can weaken the pressure of water, decreasing the water flow of each sprinkler. If you usually get all the system worked at once, activate all the sprinklers to find out exactly where the changes should be made. By turning on one separate sprinkler to check it, you can occasionally adjust the water flow to minimum distance from sprinkler head. So, it won’t be able to cover the whole aimed territory at the point when every one of the sprinklers in the circuit is working.