Tips On How to Adjust Orbit Sprinkler Head

Tips On How to Adjust Orbit Sprinkler Head

Setting up the best sprinkler heads in your lawn or garden is just the first step to proper watering. You need to be aware of how to properly adjust the head in order to know about changes in the local climate, as well as in your growing plants. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of good irrigation for the normal growth and development of any plant on earth. To a much greater extent, this applies to lawn grass, as it doesn’t respond quickly to a lack of moisture. The grass dries, changes its color from juicy green to yellow. The modern level of development of irrigation equipment can effectively solve this problem.

Orbit produces various sprinkler heads, and all of them can be easily adjusted with the help of a screwdriver or a special key that can be bought along with the Orbit sprinkler system components.

How to Adjust Orbit Sprinkler

The Orbit sprinklers, as a rule, have a pre-installed factory sector at 180°. The sprinkler must be adjusted with the water supply turned off.

  1. Turn the sprinkler to the left counterclockwise until it stops.
  2. Then rotate it clockwise until it stops. The sprinkler should be in this position for further adjustment.

Adjusting Arc on a Spray Nozzle

  1. To adjust the arc on a spray nozzle, insert a special key into the adjustment socket (you can also use a regular flat-head screwdriver).
  2. While holding the nozzle in the right position, turn the key clockwise.
  3. Adjust the irrigation sector between 40° and 360°.
  4. The key will stop turning when a specific “creaking” sound appears, this will mean that a 360° sector has been reached (full circle).

How to Adjust the Spray Range

The Orbit sprinkler head adjustment for a desirable watering radius requires using a special key. Insert the steel end of the key into the adjustment socket sector. Turn the key clockwise/counterclockwise by screwing/unscrewing the fixing screw. This will reduce or increase the radius by about 25%.

WARNING: Turning the key clockwise more than 5 times 360° may lead to loss of screw.

How To Adjust The Rate Of Watering

For adjusting Orbit sprinkler head to proper irrigation level of wet or dry areas, you can replace the nozzle in the sprinkler to increase or decrease the rate of watering during the work of the irrigation system. For dry areas, install a high flow nozzle. For wet areas, install a nozzle with less expense.

  1. Insert the plastic end of the special key into the slot to raise the telescopic rod on the top of the sprinkler. Rotate to 90°. Pull the drawer out and lock it.
  2. Using the metal part of the special key, turn the nozzle locking screw counter-clockwise until you make sure that it doesn’t fix the watering nozzle and doesn’t interfere with its installation. If it is necessary to remove the nozzle from the installation channel, simply turn on the water and squeeze it out under pressure.
  3. Install the required nozzle into the installation channel. The fixing screw must pass through the special opening without hindrance. Tighten the lock screw clockwise. The arrow on the rubber cap will always indicate the position of the nozzle.