How To Raise Chair Height By Yourself

How To Raise Chair Height By Yourself

It’s not such a difficult task, to increase chair height, as it seems at a first glance. If the chair is too low for you for some reason, it can be raised in several different ways. Which one will be better depends on the chair construction.

The Wooden Bars

The old chair is the one that needs height increasing more than others: as a result of natural warping, the legs of the chair change their shape so it begins to wobble. This defect can be eliminated only by increasing the legs height with wooden bars. So, if you don’t want to rasp the legs of an old chair to stop it from wobbling, there is an easier way. A wooden bar of a suitable shape needs to be glued to the leg. After the glue dries, you will need to use hand tools to give it the necessary shape.

The Polymer Resin

You can use the polymer resin for raising chair height. To do this, heat a small piece of resin with your hands until it becomes plastic. Then, glue it to a piece of foil and attach it to the lower edges of the legs, previously cleaned and prepared. Next, you will need to put the furniture on a flat surface and press it down until you get sufficient stability. After an hour, you can remove the excess resin, and after three hours it hardens enough so that you can use the furniture.

The New Legs

Soft chairs and stools often have the screwed-in legs. You can make or buy other legs of any length to raise the chair to a desired height. Just note that they should have the same thickness as the previous legs, or a narrower support will lead to instability and make the furniture unsafe.

The Castors

Adding castors or replacing the existing castors with larger ones will increase the height of a certain chair. Moreover, the castors equipped with brakes increase the stability of a high chair. Just choose the heavy-duty castors, as the spherical type, for example. If the legs of the existing chair, that requires the castors, are made of wood or rattan, you will need to drill a hole in the center of the bottom surface of each leg. Sometimes it is necessary to use wood glue to ensure the solidity.

The Seat Cushions

You won’t even have to think about how to make chairs taller if you just replace or add the seat cushions. A pillowcase or fabric cover will not only help to change the design but also will make the care of a soft part of the furniture much simpler. The non-slip support will help to prevent slipping. High-density pillows, wrapped in batting, are perfect to increase the level of comfort while pulling up the seat to the desired height. For a chair with a removable cushion, it’s easy to replace it with a more solid one, which may be fixed or simply placed on a chair or stool.

So, these are several handy tips on how to raise chair height by yourself. Give them a try and choose the most suitable method for your particular case.