Reviews of Best Mowers for Hills

Reviews of Best Mowers for Hills

Uplands and steep banks are very hard to mow but the best riding lawn mower for hills can handle them effectively and let the gardener feel comfortable and stay safe at the same time.
Modern mowers are motorized and come with the adjustable height of the blades. There are some types of them in terms of control – push, riding, and robotic. Push models can be self-propelled, hover, and basic. Riding mower for hills is driven like tractors and fits large yards. They have a very powerful engine and a great number of blades. Robotic unit is a small riding lawn mower and it doesn’t need driving at all. Such models cut the lawns automatically and have the similar to the robot vacuum set of controls.

The mowers are divided into some categories with regard to the source of power. Some of them have a gas-propelled engine (it is common for the push models) and the others need the rechargeable batteries. Eco-friendly wired electric units are the most widespread, but there’s a problem with the cord length when dealing with large areas.

To choose the best riding lawn mower for hills, one should consider not only its type but also the quality of case (it should be heavy-duty), wheels, engine (reliable units come with air filter), and blades (how long they can stay sharpened).

Besides, the best mowers for hills have a large deck size to include more blades and to be maneuverable enough. They also boast large wheels that enhance the mower’s stability and durability. Such models are equipped with a convenient handle to remove vibrations.

While looking for the best mower for hills, don’t forget to pick the model with the proper weight that is addressed individually.

Best Mowers for Hills Reviews

Greenworks 20-Inch – Sturdy Building and Amazing Flexibility

Greenworks 20-Inch
This is the electric mower with a robust metal cutting deck. It provides fast mowing with fewer passes and allows covering each inch of the space. The deck has 20-inches that allows capturing large areas at a time. The unit is produced with a strong 12-amp motor that has enough power to manage tough grass and thick weeds and even the occasional branches.

It’s rather maneuverable due to the unusually large rear tires and it doesn’t take efforts to toggle between bagging/mulching. Besides, the wheels have different height (10 and 7 inches for the rear and front wheels respectively) to provide a safe distance from the ground and to handle the longest grass.

A shroud over the blades allows getting closer to the hard-to-reach places. It’s easy to keep the cord in and it has a pigtail (a little clip) to ensure its security. The mower has an option of side discharge in addition to bagging. The height adjustment features strong metal controls with positive stops. It has a 7-position single lever to make the process completely easy. The unit works quietly and smoothly.

This riding lawn mower for steep hills is folded flat that’s why it doesn’t take up much storage space. Besides, it can be set either vertically or horizontally to fit one’s requirements.

  • It’s lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • The bagger is very capacious.
  • Not self-propelled.
  • The unit isn’t sealed and the engine gets dirty during use.

Earthwise 60418 – Battery Model with the Gas Mower’s Power

Earthwise 60418
This riding lawn mower for hills is a cordless model with two 40-volt lithium-ion batteries in its enclosure. It is launched with a switch key and a push-button start. The batteries are used in turn for longer mower’s work. 7-inch front wheels and 9.5-inch rear wheels provide its flexibility.

The unit is remarkable for its metal housing and extremely quit work. The battery-powered motor works flawlessly and allows whipping fast through the lawn. When it encounters a thicker patch of grass or weeds, it doubles the power to get through it but still slows down.

The batteries require recharge every 20 minutes instead of the advertised 55 ones, but those 20 min is enough to mow a small lawn. The unit’s 17-inched cutting deck permits to handle such inaccessible areas as intricate patterns around all the shrubs and stepping-stones through a gate or into the back yard. The mower’s height adjustment is possible in the range of 1.75–4 inches. The handle is very convenient due to the cushion grip.

  • Six cutting height options.
  • Side discharge and bag collection are available.
  • The LED display indicates battery charge.
  • It’s hard to push in a thick grass because of a slight lip in the frame in front that is bent forward.

Snapper XD 82V MAX – Easy to Control and Adjust

Snapper XD 82V MAX
This model is battery-powered and features a self-propelled mechanism. It has a button to display how much power is left. Two batteries charge in less than 30 minutes. It is possible to charge them one after the other – just use the second battery while the first one is charging. The charging time is 45 minutes.

The mower is metal mostly and quite sturdy. It’s powerful and has the easy-to-reach lever to adjust forward speed. It supplies more power automatically when getting into thicker grass. The unit can mulch, bag, and have a side discharge. Configuring from one of these options to another is very fast and simple.

The Snapper XD 82V MAX has a power saving mode – its power lows down slightly to conserve and prolong battery life if the mower doesn’t have to work hard. Blade height is not low enough for a putting green, but it cuts everything with a pass. The mower is easy to move and clean.

  • No power loss toward the end of the charge.
  • Has a convenient upright storage position to save space.
  • Works very quiet.
  • When releasing the self-propelled lever to pull it backward it’s necessary to give it a tiny push forward first or the back (propelling) wheels drag.
  • The blades are not marked and it is difficult to pick the proper ones in the case of replacement.

Troy-Bilt 382cc – Powerful Engine and Possibilities for Upgrade

Troy-Bilt 382cc
It’s a riding lawn tractor for hills with a single-cylinder 382cc. The Troy-Bilt OHV engine is made of such high-quality components as a cast iron cylinder sleeve, pressure oiler, roller bearings on the crankshaft. It features rather smooth acting mechanical and has a screw on automotive type oil filter. Its dual circuit alternator ensures fast battery charging.

It is possible to install a washout port. However, for longer mower’s life, it’s better to open the grass discharge weekly to clean it with a brush. The model has optional bagging attachments – two mesh removable baskets that are easy to dump. Besides, one can use a compatible bagging attachment for 30-inch riding mowers.

There’re five settings to adjust the height. The unit comes with the mulch plug installed and the discharge chute in a bag. The enclosure and the deck to place feet on are plastic. To defend plastic around the steering post, one can buy a front bumper from the same manufacturer. The mower is protected from errors, so, if it’s something wrong (either settings or connections), it won’t start.

  • The seat is adjustable to fit different people.
  • This garden tractor for hills starts operating well, with minimum maintenance.
  • Easy to steer in the tightest spaces.
  • There is a bit of bumping and shaking while operating.
  • It takes time to attach the battery cables.

Honda HRX217K5VKA – Gas Powerful Model to Handle any Vegetation

Honda HRX217K5VKA
It’s a rear wheel drive model and this spec allows not losing traction while bagging as the bag fills up and gets heavier. The manufacturer installed a unique twin blade (MicroCut blade system), so, there is no opportunity to use the regular type of blade. However, the unit is packed with a powerful engine to escape chewing the high grass.

It’s a self-propelled model with the 190CC Honda Engine that features lower noise levels, vibration, and better fuel economy. The mower’s 21-inched deck is made of a composite resistant material. There’re 7 settings in the range of 0.75–4 inches to adjust the height and 4 settings to choose the speed (from 0 up to 4 mph). The mower handles the highest and the thickest grass, whether it’s dry or wet. Besides, it does its job when cutting weeds and bushes.

  • The throttle and handlebar are convenient to hold and push.
  • Well-balanced and easy to steer due to the clippings that are discharged from the bottom rear of the unit.
  • It comes with a massive grass bag.
  • The blade doesn’t stop spinning when the motor is running.
  • The gas tank isn’t big enough to mow big areas without refueling.

Buyers Guide

Mowing Grass on a Steep Hill – Useful Tips

Now, it’s time to refer to the question of how to cut grass on a steep hill to provide effective mowing in terms of quality, time, and costs.

  • Remove yard debris, rocks, branches, and other garbage.
  • Check the air pressure of the tires. Adjust it as requested by the manufacturer (it usually points out pounds per square inch (PSI) rating for the tires in the user guide).
  • Try to mow dry grass only to avoid getting debris inside the mower. However, some advanced models allow cutting wet grass.
  • Keep an eye on the mower’s height to escape hitting the ground. Set height at max when cutting long grass.
  • No need to mow side to side with a riding mower because the hill could be destroyed and the driver could be crashed. Going up and down is the safest and fruitful strategy.

Riding lawn Mowers – Some Specs to Focus on

Let’s get to what to look for in a riding lawn mower to choose the proper model.
First, consider the preferred cutting method. Not to mistake, choose the models with the options to side discharge, mulch, or bag. For example, bagging is fast and effective; it allows removing leaves in fall and avoids spreading of weed seeds and allergy to grass. Side discharge is good for cutting high and thick grass. Mulching is great for frequent mowing. Let’s go with some other tips:

  • Pick a tractor for hills with a solid cutting width if cutting the large open lawn without trees or bushes.
  • Pay attention to the smaller cutting decks if having a yard with narrow passes.
  • Choose a model with a hydrostatic transmission for easier operating.
  • Drive at medium speed to provide the cleanest cut.

Remember that the size of the yard is a factor in choosing a riding mower. They fit only a ½ acre or larger. Think of the riding tractor with a wide range of attachments if it’s necessary to maintain the landscape year-round.